Skin Cancer and Reconstruction

Matthew James has extensive experience, previously clinical lead for reconstructive surgery Guys and St, with complex wound reconstruction skills following skin cancer and trauma.

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All skin cancers are on the increase in the UK. This is in part because of our ageing population but also the continuing lack of awareness of the damage caused by sun exposure, especially burning. Early detection and an urgent biopsy are required to diagnose and treat skin cancers.

Most skin cancers can be removed under local anaesthetic. Some larger or more aggressive tumours may require extensive excision and reconstruction using local tissues, but can also normally be performed without the need for a general anaesthetic.

I work closely with dermatology colleagues and the country's premier skin pathologists based at the St John's Institute. I offer a same day service if patients require immediate excision, although all tissues are then sent for histology testing to confirm whether cancerous tissues are present. Waiting for definitive histology is a tense time for patients, but I hope to have results available within 1 week.


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