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Matthew James has extensive experience, previously clinical lead for reconstructive surgery Guys and St, with complex wound reconstruction skills following skin cancer and trauma.

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Simple techniques pioneered by plastic surgeons allow scars to be made less noticeable, for example by hiding them in natural skin folds. Contracted scars can also be lengthened to relieve discomfort.

Poor scars frequently occur as a result of poorly stitched wounds, delayed wound healing or infection, although some patients have a natural tendency to 'over heal' resulting in hypertrophic (pink and lumpy) scars. Patients with darker skin may have a genetic predisposition to keloid (raised and itchy) scars, which may need recurrent treatment.

After all procedures, I tend to close wounds in 3 layers using z-plasty techniques which minimise the impact of scarring. Wherever possible, wounds will also be hidden in natural skin creases. If surgery is necessary at sites where poor scarring is expected (shoulder, jaw, chest and back) patients will be pre-warned and closely followed up so that any hypertrophic scarring can be treated early with silicone.


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