Breast Lift

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Mastopexy surgery, commonly known as a breast uplift, is an operation to remove extra loose skin from the breasts, and to lift and reshape them, to make them look more youthful. Droopiness of the breast is a common legacy of motherhood, nursing and the force of gravity taking their toll, and the effect of pregnancy and a distension of the breasts with milk causes the fibrous bands which support the breasts in their youthful shape to break down and the skin to stretch.

The operation can be performed as a day case general anaesthetic and no opiate usage. This will speed recovery at home following the procedure.

Rare complications include haematoma, Infection some numbness and sensitivity of the breasts. Occasionally asymmetry scarring may require revision surgery or steroid injections. However the majority of the complications are rare.

The use of short acting total intravenous anaesthesia have allowed the type of surgery to be carried out simply as a day case.

Local anaesthetic infiltration at the time of surgery means that pain medication requirements are minimal.

Local anaesthetic injections last around 12 hours By which time our clients are at home and resting.



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