Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Matthew James has extensive experience, previously clinical lead for reconstructive surgery Guys and St, with complex wound reconstruction skills following skin cancer and trauma.

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Before breast cancer removal it is important to discuss all your options with both your cancer surgeon and a reconstructive surgeon. Every woman will have different needs and different wishes and together we should be able to help you achieve the best possible therapeutic and aesthetic outcome. If you require a lumpectomy or partial mastectomy, reconstructive techniques can help to ensure that the tumour is removed safely without misshaping the breast. These so called 'oncoplastic' excisions utilise simple reconstructive techniques learned from breast reduction and uplift operations. Ask your cancer surgeon if he offers this technique, or if he recommends that you speak to a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. If you require a total mastectomy, it is a good idea to involve a reconstructive surgeon as early as possible, to guide you through the options best suited to your needs. Good cancer surgeons work closely with their plastic and reconstructive surgical colleagues.

The main options for post mastectomy reconstructions are:

• Breast implants can be placed under the chest muscles.

• Breast implants can be used together with muscle tissue from the back if extra skin is required.

• Free tissue can be be transferred from the abdomen (this isknown as a DIEP or TRAM flap).

During the consultation there are many factors to consider with each type of reconstruction. Matthew James will guide you through this challenging time with advice on which type of reconstructive operation would best suit your needs.


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