Complex Wound Reconstruction

Matthew James has extensive experience, previously clinical lead for reconstructive surgery Guys and St, with complex wound reconstruction skills following skin cancer and trauma.

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Wounds may fail to heal for a variety of reasons, depending on a complex interaction between the patients' ability to heal and local factors at the wound site (such as infection, presence of dead tissue or problems with blood supply). Smokers will often have wound healing difficulties.

Newer techniques in wound management allow wounds to be closed more rapidly by improving the healing environment at the wound site. These techniques include vacuum therapy dressings, and newer Versa jet hydro-surgery debridement (which removes damaged tissues) and the insertion of artificial dermal (skin) substitutes. Occasionally a skin graft will be required.

The first before and after image is form a dog bite to the upper lip. Simple plastic surgical techniques allow rapid healing and closure of tissues. In this case we use a simple technique called “burrows“ triangles. This allows advancement of tissue into the missing lip area. The lip margin has a zigzag incision to avoid a contractor forming. We advise a medical tattoo to restore the appearance of the red lip margin at two months following injury.

Normal eating can occur after two days. Problems with facial reconstructive surgery include infection numbness and some sensitivity

Many of these procedures can be carried out as an out patient or day case.


Breast Lift

Day Case


Day Case

Hand Surgery

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